About CittasTour

CittasTour is a project which refers to agricultural, touristic and artisan policies, policies for hospitality, awareness and training and social cohesion.

The project is an initiative of the COAC foundation (for stimulating and cofinance of innovating cultural projects in Alphen-Chaam) in cooperation of the municipality of Alphen-Chaam.

The CittasTour project

Four of the five primary schools within the municipality Alphen-Chaam participate in the CittasTour project. The children of the last two groups at each primary school (11-12 yrs old) are asked to explore and research a chosen subject relating to their local heritage in relation to Cittaslow. The children will work on this in groups within the classroom and beyond . Towards the end of the project , all classes/groups will make a contribution/presentation to a platform CittaPedia.nl, which has especially been created for this project.

The project also entails a competitive element; all groups will have to compete for the most creative, interesting, innovative or educative contribution. After all contributions have been received, the municipality council will officially choose one of the groups as the year’s winner. The winner will be presented the CittasTour Cup.

This CittaPedia platform which has been created for the project will be filled with interesting facts/stories/presentations/photo’s and whatever the children can think of. It is planned that it could develop into a site that has potential for the various visitors hereof. Potential groups of visitors of the site include the children themselves and their friends, parents and family of the children, visitors/tourists who plan on visiting the area and who are looking for inside information, local people from Alphen-Chaam. The COAC foundation is looking into the possibility to have local (CittaSlow) entrepreneurs sponsor the site and allow them to present themselves, either directly through advertising or through visits from the primary school children.

Goal CittasTour project

The project aims at children of the last two classes/groups at primary school. It encourages children to reconnect with subjects of their local heritage and make them familiar with the Cittaslow values. The goal hereof is to stimulate the childrens awareness of their heritage. In order to grow into the stable and creative people that this rapidly changing world needs, one has to first develop firm roots. This project aims at contributing to this by having children explore their local history and context, and stimulating a creative, 21st century attitude. Stimulating children to contemplate on Cittaslow values will induce a bottom-up awareness for the entire community (by means of parents, grandparents and other adults interested in the produce of the children).

Result CittasTour project

The projects results at different levels:

  • Create awareness regarding one’s local background,
  • Making children familiar with the Cittaslow values,
  • Connecting children from different villages in our Municipality, in our Region and in the Cittaslow network,
  • Further developing various (21st century) skills, such as communication skills, presentation skills, technical IT skills.